Ccurrent mello yello design
past mello yello designs
the mello yello page.
mello yello history:
  a drink called
Rondo cola
was introduced in
the US by Schweppes
in 1979.  it was a
lightly carbonated citrus
beverage.  Shortly thereafter
Coke introduced Mello Yello.  Rondo was soon no longer to be found in the US.  But Mello Yello has lasted from 1979                                                                   to the present!
                          As you can see below, it has undergone many design changes through the years. . .
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                             company: coca cola, inc.
text.                       type: citrus soda
                             crucial: jerry shereshewsky
                             new flavors now available:
                             mello yello afterglo
and previously. . .     mello yello melon and
                             mello yello cherry
                             (see pictures below)
special thanks to: ted hemmaplardh
for his help with this page.

jerry s.
HAPPY 25th anniversary to the best drink in the world!